Meet the Members of Khudavand...

Ian Jonathan Wentworth, erudite Englishman better known as "Cogno," who likes to entertain his colleagues by doing seven-figure multiplication and division problems in his head. He employed the same mathematical precision to become a keyboard virtuoso.

Francis "Buddy" McDonald, good-natured, Irish-American drummer who looks every bit like a leprechaun in the flesh, except for his massive forearms, which are reminiscent of Popeye the Sailor’s.

David Livingstone (yes, named after the famous African missionary/explorer), seven feet of lean, muscular Masai warrior—on fire for Jesus Christ. Renowned bassist, and one of the fastest men on the planet.

Dinesh Verma, dapper Brahmin convert to Christianity from the foothills of the Himalayas, who plays a number of percussion instruments, and an unlikely saxophone. His classic features might have been taken straight from an Indian silk painting.

Paulie McDonald, striking red-headed daughter of the drummer, multi-talented musician and tom-boy at heart. Her life-long dream is to be a full-time member of Khudavand—and to be noticed by Jesse Ohara.

Jesse Ohara, leader of the band, a guitarist with few rivals. Speaks five languages and plays anything with strings. Raised by his idealistic hippy-turned-Jesus-freak father to be the spiritual, intellectual, and physical epitome of manhood. He exceeded Dad’s expectations.

    Together they travel the world, ministering to thousands in city-wide crusades, or hiking into the little-explored backwaters of the planet to right a wrong, help a friend, outwit a villain, or win a soul to Jesus Christ. Whether the backdrop is the blistering plains of North India, the jungles of Latin America, the cultural capitals of Europe, or their headquarters in Chicago, there’s never a dull moment with Jesse Ohara and Khudavand.

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