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These are some of our favorite stops on the internet.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Christian Book Distributors:
My favorite book store--I order bunches of books from these folks, and all at the best prices anywhere.  Everything's at least 20% discounted, plus they have some great closeout sales every month.  Become a member for a nominal fee and get better prices still.

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Christian Classics Electronic Library:
Look up and read--online-- the writings of the church fathers, great reformers, and classic preachers of the last couple of hundred years, too.  Great reference.

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U.S. Center for World Missions:
Resources on missions, how to adopt an unreached people group, and more.  Dr. Ralph Winter's organization.

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Institute for Creation Research:
Lots of on-line resources, as well as information about ICR's school, museum, publications, and more. Home of Henry Morris, one of the more popular creationists today.

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Creation Evidences Museum:
Carl Baugh, PhD., is the director of this museum located in Glen Rose, TX.  He's my personal favorite creation-scientist, with lots of neat information about the canopy theory, fossils of human and dinosaur tracks together and even pterodactyls in modern times!  Lots of on-line materials, as well as books and videos for sale.

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Discount Christian Software & Books:
People always want to know what Bible software I use and where to get it--this is the place. (I use the "PC Study Bible" by Biblesoft.)

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Revival Resources:
Links to various articles and sites concerning revival, both past and present--from Jonathan Edwards to the Toronto Blessing, you'll find it here.

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The Hall of Church History:
"Theology from a bunch of dead guys."  Phil Johnson, creator of this page, has a hyper-Calvinist predisposition, and even classifies Charles Finney and John Wesley as borderline heretics--but this is a beautifully put-together page with some excellent reading, and also some great links.  Worth your time and effort, if you spit out a bone here and there.

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Christian Answers:
Just what it says: answers to questions about Creation Science, Biblical Archaeology, Theology, Family & Marriage, Social Concerns, and more.

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Documents, information, and links to a variety of Christian resources on the web, including: apologetics, archaeology, Bibles, reference works, devotionals, and more.