The Gospel According to Moses


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Daily devotional readings have been a blessing to many believers over the years. You are slowly transformed, little by little, day by day, renewed in your mind in bite-size pieces that are easy to digest. I pray that youíll get blessed by these devotional readings entitled "The Gospel According to Moses," that youíll get a new appreciation for the man, and for the Law, an often neglected part of the modern Christianís education.

Week I: Moses' Early Life

Week II: The Wilderness School

Week III: The Burning Bush

Week IV: Down to Egypt

Week V: The Plagues

Week VI: The Plagues, cont'd

Week VII: The Passover

Week VIII: The Shekinah Glory

Week IX: The Red Sea

Week X: Israelites' Murmuring

Week XI: The Cure for Murmuring

Week XII: Manna

Week XIII: Intercession

Week XIV: Mt. Sinai

Week XV: 10 Commandments

Week XVI: Relationship with God

Week XVII: God's Perfect Law

Week XVIII: Justice, Retribution and Capital Punishment

Week XIX: Assorted Lessons...

Week XX: Build It According to the Pattern

Week XXI: The Tabernacle Court

Week XXII: The Tabernacle Furniture

Week XXIII: The High Priest, Holy Anointing Oil...

Week XXIV: Show Me Your Glory, More on Moses

Week XXV: Teachings from Exodus & Leviticus


All Scripture quotations are taken from the New American Standard Version unless marked otherwise.

Copyright © 2005  Kim Harrington, Masterbuilder Ministries. All rights reserved.

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