Perhaps the largest concentration of unreached people in the world today is in the northern plains and hills of India. Incredibly, in most parts of this area there is only one evangelical church for every 2000 villages, and huge portions of the major cities are just as barren.  In the past decade, while revival sweeps many parts of the world, the church in India has actually declined. It's no exaggeration to say that the need is truly desperate.

If we are to reach the world with the Gospel before Jesus comes, we must reach North India! Hundreds of millions of eternal souls are hanging in the balance, waiting for someone to tell them that Jesus came and gave Himself that they might have life, abundant and eternal.

Though it seems intimidating at first glance, the task of reaching India's millions is far from impossible. It's largely a matter of getting the right people in the right place, equipped with the right vision and Holy Ghost power. That's where Masterbuilder comes in.

We have the right people, native North Indians who speak the language and flow with the culture effortlessly. We are equipping them with the right vision, that of a growing, thriving, indigenous church in North India. They're receiving both classroom and on-the-job evangelism and church-planting training.

These young people may be just the answer to India's lost multitudes. We think so. Will you take the time to pray, and truly consider the plight of this great people? Let God speak to your heart today.


Kim and Rebecca Harrington left a thriving pastoral ministry in 1984 to become missionaries to North India, particularly the city of Delhi. They started cottage meetings in various parts of the city, and after three years had a fairly stable church planted. In 1987 they moved back to the US but continued to make frequent trips to India, strengthening the believers, and starting a Bible Institute in 1994.

The work has been under the capable leadership of Emmanuel Lal Sahai since their departure, and it has grown and thrived. There are now two churches in the Delhi area, and one in Panipat, a few hours north on the Grand Trunk Road. Dozens have graduated from the Bible school and some are involved in village evangelism among the most gospel-needy areas of the world: Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

If you'd like to be a part of this ministry, feel free to send an offering to Masterbuilder Ministries in St. Paul, Minnesota. Every penny goes straight to the field and to cutting edge missionary activities. $300 will support a team of six Indian evangelists on a two-week tour of village evangelism. To contact us click here.

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