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Jim Springer

Missionary/Evangelist to Mexico

Jim is a missionary with 21 years of service in the country of Mexico. Currently, he is involved in church planting and serving existing churches in Leon, Mexico.

Jim is an accomplished musician, as well as preacher of the Gospel. Ask him about his music CD Demasiado Bueno Para Ser Verdad. He is a missionary worthy of your prayers and support.


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July 2010
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 Getting to the end of the recording of a 2nd CD.  

Upcoming Gigs
The first CD that I recorded was the first effort of the studio. One of the first things that the technician said to me was that he had learned a lot since that time. Then right after I told him that I had learned a lot also on recording my music to my keyboard too.  I am delighted to say that the finished product should be much better then our first effort.
Evangelistic Concerts
 The purpose of my ministry is to win people to the LORD. Music is such a great attraction. I have the rare gift of being able to still reach young people through music and it works wonderfully for me at my age.
We were planning on having a concert in a very popular park in Monterrey but however hurricane Alex destroyed our plans & the park.
The new plan now is to have it in a large church.
I have been asked to give a concert for the young adults at a church in Leon, where I live.
 I have also been in contact with a group called," Clamor del Barrio" This is a very effective group that works with people with drug & alcohol problems. They would like me to have concerts aimed at reaching the young people that have these problems.
We are looking at an auditorium for having an outreach concert for an all city event too.
 We have been exploring the idea of doing park concerts for a church I have been working with in Leon.
Thank you so much for your prayers & contributions.  Because of them we are able to press forward & win people to the LORD!
Jim Springer 
Chago Gabacho
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