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Articles by Kim Harrington

These messages are copyrighted, but  you may feel free to download any that you choose, run off a few copies for your friends, or even insert a message in your church bulletin, if you so desire. We only request that you'd give credit where it's due, and that you'd refrain from reprinting them for resale. If you want them in quantity, they are also available in tract form at a minimal cost.

Revival, Evangelism & World Missions

Eleven Imperative Reasons for World Evangelism
Hindrances to World Evangelism
The Work of Him Who Sends Us
Indigenous Missions    

The Latter Rain Revival
New Wine
Signs & Wonders, God's Commendation    

Retaking Our Land

Setting the Record Straight on Islam

The Christian Life

Looking for a Church?

Which Church is Right?

How to Stay Married 27 Years   

How to Have a Satisfying Sex Life, Pt I  

How to Have a Satisfying Sex Life, Pt II  

Real Manhood, Pt I. Provider & Protector

Real Manhood, Pt II. Adam Means Man

Real Manhood, Pt III. What Separates the Men & Boys

What's It All About?
Money & the Church
Hell: What Jesus Taught
The Ministry of Helps
I Believe God!

Go For It!
Murphy's Law   

Christ Despisers

David, More than Meets the Eye

Salvation Messages

Changing Your Mind About God
How to Get Right with God
Politically Incorrect!

Eternal Life Without Christ


I, Too, Have a Dream    

Ground Hog Day
Valentine's Day  

St. Patrick, Apostle to Ireland
The Fall of Eastre  

Retaking Our Land
Columbus & the Perspective of History
The Pilgrims & the First Thanksgiving
Where Did Santa Claus Come From?

Important Issues in the Church


The Case Against Public School (& for Christian School)

A Christian Response to 9/11

Small Powerful Churches

Thirty Years of Abortion

Alcohol, the Case for Abstinence

Alcohol, the Case for Moderation                         

I, Too, Have a Dream 

Money & the Church
Christians, the Bible and Science
Spiritual Warfare, Pt I: the Reality of the Warfare
Spiritual Warfare, Pt II: Casting Out Demons
Spiritual Warfare, Pt III: Curses & How to Break Them
Seven Questions About Tongues Answered
Signs & Wonders, God's Commendation
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Hell: What Jesus Taught                                   

And the Books Were Opened                             

How to Have a Satisfying Sex Life I                       

How to Have a Satisfying Sex Life II                    

Modern-Day Pharisees                                        

Judge Not

Setting the Record Straight on Homosexuality

Setting the Record Straight on Islam

Back to Jerusalem

Resources You Can Buy

Jesse Ohara & Allah's Avenging Arm, by Kim Harrington... The first of a new series of adventure novels about a contemporary Christian music group. In this story, Jesse and his companions attempt to find his missionary father, kidnapped by Muslim terrorists in northwestern India. Paperback, 210 pages.

$8.95 each, plus postage (see below)    Click here for more on Jesse Ohara

Understanding Suffering, from National Tragedy to Personal Loss, by Kim Harrington... Answers a lot of the questions thinking people have been asking since the attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as going into the biblical perspective on suffering and loss as a whole.  40 page booklet.

$3.95 each, plus postage (see below)              Click here to read an excerpt

Engaging the Enemy, by Kim Harrington...  A handbook for the deliverance ministry, hand-to-hand combat with the forces of darkness. A complex subject addressed in a straightforward fashion. 36 pages.

$3.95 each, plus postage (see below)              Click here to read an excerpt

Systematic Theology Made Practical,  by Kim Harrington... A must-have resource--160 pages of outlines and scripture references that address all the major doctrines of the church: the nature of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Church, the End times, and more.  Keep it on your desk for quick reference--this is one you'll use all the time. In a handy 3-ring binder.                  $14.95 each,  plus postage (see below)                                


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